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About Caribbean World Shop

We started with an Intrepid idea!

Discerning shoppers deserve a better way to find beautiful Caribbean artifacts, products, and furnishers. Why? Because a unique vision requires meticulously crafted, envy-inducing pieces and because life’s too short for the ordinary. So we set out to reveal an undiscovered Caribbean world of luxury.

Since launching in 2019, we’ve combined our passion for eCommerce technology with our passion for quality design to pioneer a new era in shopping for extraordinary Caribbean products. We created an unprecedented online collection of Caribbean World design brands with an expert team and an innovative e-Commerce platform. Now, there’s no limit to what you can own.
Caribbean World Shop aims to achieve the number one e-commerce marketplace to mobilize extraordinary Caribbean products to the world. We seek to exhibit the Caribbean’s best craftsmanship and an undiscovered world of luxury with individuals like you, the world’s most sophisticated collectors, interior designers, curators, and homeowners. Our objective is to collectively represent the broadest spectrum of  Caribbean vendors and quality Caribbean brands, all in the service of the public and by the highest professional international standards.
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At Caribbean World Shop every person in our company is a member of the team and a team player, with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Our objective is a commitment to the highest quality customer service. Client satisfaction is our main focus, reached through innovative and cost-effective customer services.
We in-house custom design-build furniture, design-build entertainment centers, design-build kitchen cabinets, and design-build walk-In clothing closets. Also, we supply Caribbean jewelry, clothing, custom decor, Caribbean food & beverages, concrete blocks, bulk cement, rocks & pavers are all distributed to an international consumer market. Additionally, our company provides Caribbean professionals and a variety of specialized services, reconditioning, maintenance, customers wanting a workforce from the Caribbean, and customers using quality products from the CWS branded line.
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