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Recruiting genuine Caribbean professionals is no longer an idea, it's a reality. Our multilingual recruitment agency helps you find an international or local Caribbean job quickly. Through Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System, you can access a large number of job offers in your field of work. Your profile will be added to our centralized Caribbean database. As soon as a company is looking for a candidate that matches yours, our recruitment team will get in touch with you.
Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System works from Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas to The Dominican Republic, all the way to Jamaica, Aruba, Dominica, Sant Kitts, and Nevis, Turks And Caicos, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Granada, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Haiti, or even Barbados, our recruiting team understands your language and your culture.

Our Caribbean recruitment experts will advise and assist you all along the recruitment process, from completing your online CV and uploading your Virtual profile to Caribbean Virtual Recruiting, to the interview phases to your first weeks of onboarding your new job.

No matter what type of work you do, Caribbean Virtual Recruiting is your career advocate and our expert team has the connections to help you find that perfect job. Though we work with candidates and companies from virtually every industry and business type, we have particular experience and dedicated expertise in the following areas:
Our team is ready to assist you, anytime. Get to know them here! We believe customer service should not be a department - it should be the entire company. Caribbean Virtual Recruitment provides a comprehensive package of services to potential candidates that include access to our robust program to enhance your communications skills, seminars, and educational programs. ensuring compliance and regulators across governmental departments and private sectors alike, access to affordable housing in the country of employment, processing various immigration and labor forms, assisting with travel arrangements, and other administrative processes that include: 
  • Ensure a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment and interview process
  • Answer candidates' queries regarding the application process
  • Manage and oversee the duration of contracts and challenge biases
  • Answer candidates' queries regarding the application process
  • Ensure all paperwork is forwarded to the appropriate parties and government bodies
  • Adhere to laws, rules, and regulations in the country of employment
  • Negotiate the salary of the employee in consultation with the higher management
  • Negotiate and discuss offers with all parties involved
  • Negotiate  the compensation package hiring manage 
  • Ensure Universal Healthcare Program, salaries, Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay
Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System offers a wider field to find the diversity that so many companies crave. That diversity isn’t always available next to your office buildings. So we place Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System at your fingertips by allowing job candidates to become masters of their own recruitment.

The introduction to Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System for candidates is structured as a desktop or mobile-enabled choose your own adventure experience. It’s designed to give candidates and employers a deeper connection by placing your CV and a copy of your virtual profile right on your next boss's desktop.

Simply follow the steps below to prepare for your next job:

  • Sign up as a member of the Caribbean World Shop
  • Select Create Your CV
  • Select one of our templets and complete the steps as instructed
  • Upload your virtual profile
  • Submit your CV 

Unless you’re incredibly lucky to win a mega lottery or the offspring of a Russian Oligarch, work isn’t optional. We work so we can pay for the roof over our heads, the food we eat, the endless car payments, daycare, or college education for our children. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be exciting, fulfilling, and well-paying.
No more biased CV screening, no more tiring phone screening, no more lengthy application forms, and no more exhausting old-fashioned assessments. Our Virtual Digital Interview allows you to hugely shorten the application form or even dispense with old-fashioned CVs entirely. Our methodology has proven to be non-discriminatory and to drive inclusivity. This means that all young talent can get a fair chance. Generation Z should know that we are serious about diversity.

Don't have a CV or resume? It’s quick and easy to create a free cv that will land you a Dream Job! Choose from one of the links below and select one of the templates and build a resume that presents your skills and work experience in a professional way. Once you complete your cv/resume, upload it to Caribbean Virtual Recruitment and we will contact you for your new job.
Remote meetings are here to stay, and that means that virtual recruiting and onboarding professionals are too. To attract and integrate top talent remotely, you no longer have to schedule a meeting in person or on zoom, You’ll have to rethink the skills you need and where to find them. Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System arms recruiters with new digital skills and transforms the virtual onboarding experience from the candidate’s living room straight to your desktop by allowing access to a complete CV that includes a full virtual profile.
Do you want to save time and money on recruiting Caribbean professionals? The answer is obvious. Virtual Video clip integration is the new way to extensively vet candidates and recruit top talent who possess the experience and temperament to lead highly successful initiatives. We dubbed this process the Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System. This makes the hiring process easier, faster, less expensive, and more effective than conventional recumbent ancient techniques. We've streamlined our services for clients with online CV delivery, video profile, verification, and an overall hiring strategy with unparalleled support, saving you time and money. 
Staffing is most commonly associated with short-term positions while recruiting tends to take on the task of finding permanent candidates. But sometimes the best individual for a position isn’t actively looking for a job. Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System cultivates long-term candidate relationships based on trust, allowing us to source out all top talent for your position. Also, we extensively vet candidates to facilitate coverage during peak workloads, staff for finite projects and awarded contracts, and cover short-term absences due to vacation, PTO, maternity leave, and temporary staffing.
Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System provides you with unlimited access to real-time data. We tailor our services to your needs, delivering your business objectives with fast and efficient implementation and transition. We work with both local and national employers across all industry sectors, and we have received incredible reviews from our clients and candidates who have embraced our methods. They recognize how we have differentiated ourselves from traditional ancient recruiting, and we want to thank them for their ongoing support.

Caribbean Virtual Recruiting System

The Solution To Make Recruiting Easier



Find the right job and make
your dream come true.

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Create a professional CV and
upload your virtual interview.



Appropriate talent in the right
numbers via a seamless strategy.

If you’ve never created a virtual cv or you have sent in a one-way interview but weren’t satisfied with the results, Caribbean Virtual Recruitment has the solution for you. Follow the simple steps below in option one or option two. Using specific recruitment software is one way pre-recorded interviews can be done. Alternatively, using your best friend's iPhone or Android device provides the optimum solution for you to record a presentation, answer anticipated effective questions in the area you are seeking employment in, then upload your virtual cv to our platform. The advantage of these types of interviews is that you can re-record the interview until you are happy with it.

To help you prepare for your virtual cv, please follow the virtual cv/resume tips in the links above for brilliant ideas, answers, and solutions to your questions. Once the client has assessed your video, you will be told whether you have been successful to progress to the next stage.


The process from the Caribbean Virtual Recruiting side is to shortlist candidates to record an interview. The candidate will set up the pre-recorded video interviews on his or her platform which is available on a desktop or via mobile. In a one-way, asynchronous interview, your anticipated professional questions can be presented in either written text provided by the employer, or have a videoed person asking the questions. There is no actual interaction with a recruiter. The candidate will record their answers. Once your production is completed, you will upload your virtual cv to our platform.



Caribbean Virtual Recruiting updates job listings that are posted directly by employers who are seeking someone quickly every day. This is great for you as the whole process of being interviewed and employed will most likely be very fast. On the Caribbean Virtual Recruiting platform, you can sign up for premium membership and receive job openings from around the Caribbean and beyond before anyone else. Also, Get in touch with our professional team and land your new job even if nothing is advertised yet. We customize notifications to our premium members that make job posting and job hunting easier than ever.

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