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Door To Door Shipping And Delivery

What Is Door To Door Shipping Delivery Services

Caribbean World Shop door to door delivery services is a Shipping arrangement where goods are delivered from our facility or the sender , to the customer's location. This service is called door to door delivery because the freight forwarder is responsible for cargo pickup, documentation, transport, and delivery from the beginning to the end of the value chain. It is also important to note that door to door service involves trucking or courier service for the first movement of your order to the point of delivery.



Caribbean World Shop door to door shipping services are available locally in all countries that we operate from as well as internationally. Wherever you need your order to go, we will make it happen. Through collaboration with several logistics providers around the world, we offer international door-to-door deliveries to over 200 countries and territories. We work with local transporters and global carriers to ensure every shipping request is fulfilled with the best possible solution.


Our logistics team has many years of valuable experience in local and international shipping. They are striving to offer you the optimal way to move, whilst ensuring the highest quality and maintaining a competitive price. We can ship your order the way you like either by air, land, or sea. We often offer you extra services such as insurance, dissembling, assembling of your furniture, and other value-added services. Entrust your move to professionals.


How Is Door To Door Beneficial

Our door to door delivery service is beneficial because it stimulates the smooth transit of your order within the allotted time. In the world of commerce, time is of the essence, and delivery delays could lead to sustained losses that a business may not recover from. For this reason and more, we provide our online shoppers with a guaranteed delivery service. Quick and safe movement from our facility to their designated location.


Here are some of the advantages of door to door shipping:


Saves Money

Contracting different entities to handle the process for you will cost you a lot and may even lead to losses at the end of the day. With a single freight forwarder handling the entire process from start to finish, you get to save money.


Saving Time

If you live in Europe for example, and you had to take charge of shipping your order from the Dominican Republic, imagine how much time that would take. Ordering goods online through online is only the first step when it comes to the importation business. The time required to move what you ordered from the port of origin to the port of destination can take a long time. On the other hand, our door to door shipping services will hasten the process and ensure that you get your order on time.



Our in-house logistics team helps clients with exclusive door to door shipping services.  We take the stress off you by taking full responsibility for delivering your purchase from Caribbean World Shop to a destination of your choice. You don’t have to burden yourself to get the job done, nor do you have to deal with so many entities across the logistic chain. You can rest easy under the full assurance that we will get your order to you wherever you may be.



Transiting goods from one country to another country is indeed a cumbersome task due to the complex processes involved and large paperwork. You don’t have to get involved in the nitty-gritty of shipping your order when you have our logistics team to rely on. Our service is simplified to earn your comfort and trust as we rid you or your company of the worries of doing the job all on your own. Our logistics team will navigate your way from our facility through customs authorities in your home country.


Streamlined Shipments

Our door to door service ensures that all your items are documented and loaded into an insured container before transporting them to the port. All your items will be delivered to you in good condition. With our streamlined shipments program, we provide the buyer with his/or her order by transporting them all the way to his or her premises. Right from the moment your purchase from our shop is approved, we bear full responsibility for customs duties, transport costs, insurance, and any other liability involved in the process.


With our in-house logistics team, you are not limited in any way when shipping items purchase  on Caribbean World Shop eCommerce marketplace