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Recall Plan Policy

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Date Publish: 4 / 15 / 2022


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Caribbean World Shop Recall Plan outlines the activities that our company will take to
manage the recall of our product(s) which has/have been determined to be unsafe and/or subject to regulatory action. Caribbean World Shop’s recall plan shall be reviewed annually and revised as necessary when personnel, procedures, processes, suppliers, or as other factors change. The Plan will also be reviewed after any product recall.



The primary goal of this food recall plan is to protect public health by removing from commerce product(s) that has been determined to be unsafe. Our recall plan will aid in the execution of a recall by distributing duties, centralizing current contact information, and providing prewritten templates for communications. Key Individuals that will be participating in our company recall should review this recall plan and be familiar with the execution of the plan.


Roles and Responsibilities

It is our company’s responsibility to effectively organize and manage the recall of food that has been demonstrated to be unsafe or unsuitable.


Recall Committee

See contact information in Appendix A


Recall Coordinator

The Recall Coordinator has been given authority by the CEO of Caribbean World Shop to execute the activities of the recall.


Responsibilities of the Recall Coordinator include, but are not limited to

• Make recall decisions on behalf of Caribbean World Shop

• Serve as a contact for FDA, WSDA, and other stakeholders

• Assure the documentation of all recall decisions and actions in a master recall file

• Initiate the formation of the recall committee

• Keep management informed at all stages of the recall

Other committee members can include management, accounting, consumer affairs, distribution and supply, information technology, inventory/warehouse personnel, legal counsel, marketing, operations, production, purchasing, quality assurance, sales, maintenance, records management, regulatory affairs, and support staff and sanitation.


Recall Discovery Phase

The first step in a recall situation is the discovery of a potential product problem. Discovery can happen in many ways:

•          Supplier notification

•          Lab discovery

•          Employee observation

•          Consumer complaint

•          Through regulator notification


Recall Decision Phase

•          Caribbean World Shop will collect and analyze all information and data it has regarding products that may be recalled

•          Caribbean World Shop will assess the scope of products that should be recalled (amount and type of product)

•          Caribbean World Shop will assess the depth of any recall


Levels of recall depth are


Wholesale Level

The product has been distributed to a warehouse or distribution center and is not under the direct control of Caribbean World Shop.

Retail Level

The product has been received by retailers for sale to household customers.

HRI Level

The product has been received by hotels, restaurants, and institutional customers.

Consumer Level

The product has been sold directly to consumers.


Recall Actions

A. First 24 Hours

Caribbean World Shop has the responsibility to recall products in a clear and timely manner. We will make all reasonable efforts to remove affected products from commerce. Any products that are still in our control (inventory, in transit, or in offsite distribution) will be detained and segregated. Identification codes and quantities will be documented by the facility manager to assist in the reconciliation of product amounts.


Caribbean World Shop Recall Committee is responsible for determining whether the recall is effective and will verify that all customers have been notified.


The Recall Coordinator will notify the appropriate regulatory agencies.

We will prepare a customer distribution list indicating where the recalled product was shipped.

1.       The Recall Coordinator will copy WSDA and/or FDA on the distribution list.

2.       Our facility manager will notify all customers that received recalled product(s). The method of notification of customers will be determined by the severity of the recall. The quickest way to reach customers is by telephone. A script is prepared for the callers to use that provides clear information on the product, the problem, and what we need customers to do. A written recall notice will be provided to all customers who received recalled product(s). Confirm receipt of the Notice of Recall with all accounts. The recall coordinator will copy WSDA and/or FDA on any communications to customers.

3.       4. If necessitated,  our facility manager will notify consumers of the recall. This can include a press release and a Food Safety Notice. Communication methods will include posting notifications on social media sites, websites, and in stores in a location where a product is sold. The Recall Coordinator will copy WSDA and/or FDA on any press releases sent to media outlets.

4.       5. For situations where the recalled product may pose a significant health hazard, the recall coordinator will file a Reportable Food Registry (RFR)


B. Product Recovery and Disposal

5.       The facility manager will control all affected products. Any returned product will be clearly marked not for sale or distribution and will be stored in an area that is separate from any other food products.

6.       Any disposition or reconditioning of the product may need to be documented and/or approved by WSDA or FDA.

7.       The facility manager will also work with the appropriate local health jurisdictions (LJHs) agencies to determine a safe way to dispose of the product(s).

8.       All quantities and identification codes of disposed of items will be recorded.

9.       The Recall Coordinator will work with the facility manager to reconcile the volume of recalled product(s) produced with the volume of recalled product(s) on hand and returned.


C. Recall Effectiveness Checks

Caribbean World Shop is responsible for determining whether the recall is effective. We will verify that all customers have received notification and that they have taken appropriate action. We will confirm receipt of the Notice of Recall with all accounts.


D. Recall Actions - Termination of Recall

Termination of the recall is considered after all reasonable efforts have been made to remove the recalled product from commerce, including reconciliation, recall effectiveness, and disposition. The Recall Coordinator will issue a report to the Recall Committee as to the reason for the recall and the corrective action steps to prevent this from happening again.


E. Testing the Recall Plan

A mock food recall is a method our company will use to test our recall plan on a biannual basis.


For the test, a product from our actual production records, with lot numbers and production dates, will be selected. The lot should be recently produced with some stock still on-site or in storage and some in the marketplace. This will allow Caribbean World Shop to test internal and external ability to account for the product(s).


The Recall Committee should convene and “work the plan”. In all communication, however, be sure to stress the fact that this is a mock exercise designed strictly for emergency preparedness and that nothing is wrong with the actual product. The mock recall should involve a review of company records.


The goal of a mock recall is to prove that Caribbean World Shop can effectively trace all products and raw materials through receiving, production, packaging, and storage to determine the locations to which all products have been shipped.


A communication plan to make sure that recall/market removal notices are relayed to the responsible employees will also be part of the recall plan.


Testing the plan will quickly point out any shortcomings, which can then be revised to work better. The date and results of each mock recall should be documented in writing.


APPENDIX A - Recall Contact Information

Recall Committee and key personnel contact information:

Recall Coordinator - Most Responsible Individual

Product Safety Manager

Customer Service Manager

Media Manager

Production Manager

Warehouse Supervisor

Technical Consultants


Food Safety Consultant

Sanitation Consultants

Information Technology

Legal Counsel

Distribution Chain Contacts

Media: Associated Press


APPENDIX B - Regulatory Contact Information

WSDA: (Washington State Department of Agriculture) Responsible for protecting public health by licensing, inspecting, and assisting food manufacturers, warehouses, custom meat operations, animal feed manufacturers, and dairies in Washington State.


Food Safety Program

Dominican Republic:

United States: 360-902-1876


FDA Federal Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.

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