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Why Sell With Caribbean World Shop
By selling with Caribbean World Shop, your products have the unique opportunity to join the thousands of Caribbean Suppliers, Vendors, and Sellers, and reach millions of shoppers searching for extraordinary Caribbean products every month. CWS Is the world's leading online marketplace for the most beautiful collection of Caribbean world design Brands and artifacts.

Unlike Amazon and eBay, Caribbean World Shop focuses only on Caribbean products. Also, there is no account fee on Caribbean World Shop. However, on other marketplaces, as a seller, you have to pay a fee every month. CWS charges no fee and doesn’t impose any charges for maintaining our vendor’s account. In short, there are no setup fees, subscription fees, listing fees, monthly fees, and category limitations. Caribbean World Shop mange and connects the Caribbean’s best vendors, finest artwork and furniture, and most important craftsmen and products with the world’s most sophisticated collectors, interior designers, curators, and homeowners.
How Does Caribbean World Shop works
At Caribbean World Shop, we partner with the Drop-Ship model. A customer logs onto the CWS platform and places an order for desired products. Once an order is placed, and it's not in stock our logistics team will arrive at the seller's location and pick up the product for detailed inspection, once the inspection is approved, the product will be shipped to our storage facility in the Dominican Republic for a second inspection then package and ship directly to the buyer.
Sign Up As A Vendor
Once a vendor application and a vendor profile form are submitted, one of the most important preconditions for becoming a vendor (seller) on is that your products should be Sensitive towards greenhouse gases, health, ecological, and humanitarian crises and promote the transition to a low carbon world. Also, free from harmful chemicals and/or artificial preservatives.

Caribbean World Shop research guidelines have a chronicle that contains several parameters based on which we rate each vendor. When a vendor meets the parameters of this guideline document, our Sales team approves a seller and sends a confirmation mail that includes a vendor identification number. Parameters are based on Eco-Friendly, the product must be built with integrity, being natural, genuine, unique, and exclusive. Needless to say, we are a managed marketplace where we are very meticulous about every seller we onboard. We are looking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide First-class customer service, Unique product assortment, competitive pricing, and Fast and reliable fulfillment.

We have a dedicated page to help you with this. Please find the link to our Registration to sell with us
Vendors Responsibility
Ensuring Products Are Not Damaged During Transit

In the eCommerce industry, we focus on how important last-mile delivery is (very important), but that’s only half the challenge. It’s just as important that customers receive their packages in one piece. Caribbean World Shop has team-up with some of the best logistics partners in the world to assure safe and secure delivery of your shipment.
To ensure products remain undamaged during the shipping process we have set certain packaging guidelines for our logistic managers and sellers alike and ensure they abide by them. The products shipped are packed in a waterproof plastic layer. Each product is then packaged in bubble wrap while fragile items like bottles are safely secured with additional bubble wrap and our stickers are used over the packaging.
Here is a list of different packaging materials we recommend using when packaging your products before shipping them to our facility. This list covers some of the common materials you can use but bear in mind that more types can be used.
Outer Packaging
  • Packaging tubes​
  • Polyurethane bag (good for light, non-fragileitems)
  • Small single-layered cardboard box (for smaller products)
  • Larger double/triple-layered box (for heavier and larger products) 

Filler material and cushioning material

• Packaging tissue papers
• Packing peanuts
• Cardboard inserts
• Crumpled paper
• Styrofoam inserts
• Bubble wraps

Sealing Tape

Brown plastic tape (Polypropylene tape)

• Electrical tape (Vinyl adhesive tape)
• Duct Tape (Fiber-reinforced paper tape)

The kind of packing material you’ll be using depends on the type of products you’re shipping and their requirements.

With that, here are some tips that will keep your products safe and our customers happy. 

The weight of your product

The heavier the product, the stronger the packaging material needs to be. You can check the strength of the box you’ll be using via its manufacturer’s stamp. Heavier items may need double or even triple-layered corrugated cardboard boxes. Lighter items can be packaged in a polyurethane bag. 

Size and shape of your product

If you’re using a box, there needs to be enough space for cushioning material. The item being packaged should not be touching the sides of the box.

Value of your product and its fragility

Fragile and/or high-value goods need extra cushioning and protection. Place a fragile label on the box for good measure. If your box contains multiple separate items, bear in mind that they could move around and bump into each other during transit. Wrapping and cushioning your items separately helps you ensure the items won’t move around so much and if they do, won’t result in damage.

Having insufficient filler material in your package causes your products to bounce around inside the box and get damaged along the way. Overfilled boxes, on the other hand, could burst during delivery. When adding cushioning and filler material to your package, ensure the box has enough room for sufficient cushioning around the delivered item. Use at least 2 inches 5–6 cm of cushioning.

Examples of cushioning include:

• Foam or cardboard inserts
• Bubble wrap
• Airbags

Prepare an inner box and an outer box. The outer box should be sufficiently large to allow for enough cushioning for the inner box. Place enough filling material at the base of the outer box before placing the inner box inside. Once that’s done, fill the outer box with more filling material before sealing with the H-taping method.

Appropriately packaging your products is important in cross-border shipping. Remember to choose the right packing materials and packing methods for your product, and properly cushion and seal your products. These practices help prevent damage to your product when shipping and can save you money on replacing damaged goods and ultimately improve your customer experience, leaving us with happy satisfied customers.

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Responsibility If The Product Is Damaged During Transit

There are hardly any instances where there has been mishandling of an order from our end. But in case it does happen, a thorough investigation is taken place, and we look into the entire matter.

The investigation takes place as follows

Foremost, we send the seller pictures of how we have received the product. Then, we confirm from the (vendor) seller if sufficient care was taken while packing the product from their end In case it is found that the packaging was inappropriate the product has too reshipped from the seller’s end. In case the product is misplaced/mishandled during transit by our Logistics partners we make sure the amount for the product gets refunded to the seller.

Packaging Materials

You will be responsible for cartons and boxes, filler material, and cushioning material. However, for direct shipping to the customer, we will provide you with Caribbean World Shop Tapes, Stickers, Thank you cards, and Sorry cards. In case you run out, shoot us an email (based on your requirement).


We don’t encourage any discounts from our end. But in case a vendor wants to offer a discount from their end, they are welcome to do that.

Payment Transactions

All COD orders money is collected by our accounting department and is remitted to your CWS account. While doing the monthly reconciliation, we deduct the commission chargeable, along with taxes, and remit the balance amount to your account. This settlement includes both online as well as COD payments.

All payments for your sales with Caribbean World Shop will be disbursed to your bank account every month. Below are your bank account details necessary for Caribbean World Shop to transfer your payments; these are to be submitted to anytime during the creation of your vendor account.

(1) Provide the below details on a signed and stamped company or business letterhead:

• The company's legal Name
• Bank account number
• Laban
• Swift code
• Bank branch
• Store currency

(2) Provide Us with

• A canceled check, or a bank letter that mentions the vendor or Company's legal name
• Trading licenses or commercial or company registration
• VAT or text certificate if any
• Passport or residence ID from the country where you are trading from (both sides)

Note: The information you provide us is proprietary and confidential. This information will be used only for the specific purpose provided in connection with the subject above. This information may only be disclosed to an agent who has a need to know the purpose and who is informed of the confidential and proprietary nature of the Caribbean World Shop's collection of information. The unauthorized disclosure or use of this information is strictly prohibited! 

Communicate The Order
Orders will be forwarded to you via email, WhatsApp, and SMS. Orders will be communicated in the English Language only. For an initial couple of orders, we call the sellers and inform them about the incoming orders. You can indicate the preferred language of communication and we will do our best to accommodate the request. 

Link Existing Website With Caribbean World Shop

This feature will not be possible! All orders have to terminate on the Caribbean World Shop website. Vendor Profile And Bio
We have our approval process and we need to know who our partners are. Registering as a vendor in CWS Marketplace will assist in an easier and more efficient partnership. The entire process of submitting a product begins with you registering as a vendor. If you're a new user, sign up here. For the purpose of collecting business operation information, and to determine what goods and services vendors are eligible to provide, vendors must complete a Vendor Profile Application. Please feel free to enclose:

• Business literature
• Product lists
• Catalogs links
• Social media
• Price lists
• Business cards
• Anything else

This information will be maintained in our vendor resource data for future reference. Some of the information you provide is often shared with customers for referral when making requisition decisions. Creating a vendor profile is essential to establishing and earning credibility as a seller in Caribbean World Shop Marketplace. It's the vendor details that will help you gain more prominence. We would also put a short write-up about how you started your business (products), what was your inspiration from etc. This helps the customers connect better with you on an emotional level. We then use all the above properties to market your product to get more orders.

Submitting Products

You can submit your product via the product console. The web form will prompt you to provide the required data about the product and the content accompanying it. Before submitting your product, you should carefully review and make changes, if necessary. If you have provided insufficient data or if any clarifications are required, one of our technical reviewers will get in touch with you via the contact you provided in your vendor registration form. You will, however, be notified via email of any unusual activity in the product console.


After your product has been submitted, it will be subjected to a comprehensive review process which will include:

Content review - This review will involve checking that the product conforms to the description provided, and the brand compliance of the content.
Technical review - This will involve a complete test of the functionality of the product.
Security review - A security check will also be carried out to check if your product conforms with Caribbean World Shop's acceptable standards. This review process is to ensure and maintain the quality of the product in our marketplace, both in terms of functionality and the language that accompanies the product. The product will be published only after all the guidelines are met.


All products must fulfill our guidelines and criteria before being listed on the Caribbean World Shop marketplace.

• Your product must work exactly as described.
• If or when necessary, proper help documentation and schematics must be provided to guide the user through the installation, setup, and use of your product.
• Documentation can be any form of content: Schematics, text, video, slide decks, etc., and is hosted by you.
• Your product must not degrade the performance of the system on which it is installed.
• Your listing must not contain advertising for any apps, products, or services.
• If the product allows integration with a third-party service that requires a separate account (whether free or paid), this must be clearly outlined on the detail page.

All products will be priced, marketed, and managed by Caribbean World Shop Following these guidelines will help ensure that your product passes the review and approval process. Product Photography Specifications Keeping your backdrop plain and simple will ensure the product you are trying to sell doesn’t get lost in the shot. While other light colors like pale blue, pink, and yellow can often work well, white or light gray is the preferable backdrop choice for Caribbean World Shop. Also, is always a great option to ensure your product is the star against a crisp and clean background.

You can verbally describe the nitty-gritty details of your product as much as you want, but no guarantee doing so will truly get the message across to your prospective customers. Although some people can simply read a couple of bullet points and create accurate mental images in their heads, many others need visual guides to help them absorb information. To ensure that even the most visual learners get a complete idea of what your product has to offer, instruct your photographer to snap photos of each important detail of your product. That way, nothing is left to the (often inaccurate) imagination.

Our vendors sell several products within the same product category. For example, those of you who sell dining chairs probably sell more than just one chair in particular. This is important because your prospects have unique personal tastes. Among all the consumers who search for dining chairs, no two have the same idea of the chair they’re looking for.
As such, in the pursuit of your goal to drive clicks from interested consumers, it’s wise for you to show off the range of your products. That way, your product photo appeals to a wider array of personal tastes. This seller has the right idea. By giving equal prominence to each of the different chairs within the set, they appeal to a relatively wide range of shoppers. Each chair will grab the attention of different people, thus driving far more clicks than the ad would drive if it only featured one chair in the photo.

Your product photos are a vital part of our marketing application. We recommend you use professional product photography services to ensure your photo meets all the requirements of the Caribbean World Shop. You must submit product photos as TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF (.gif), or PNG (.png) files.

Each product photo file name must follow this template:

• Product identifier (e.g., UPC) followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (e.g., .jpg). For example, a product photo file name could be XYZ.123.jpg
• Product photos must be professional. No illustrations are allowed
• You cannot add other products or objects to the photo
• If you’re selling a chair, a table, or a clay pot, the product photo must consist entirely of the cover art. All other product photos should take up at least 80% of the frame
• The background should be light grey or white. No additional text, graphics, or images are allowed
• The photo must be professional and pertinent to the product that’s being sold
• Other products and objects are allowed for the sake of demonstrating the scale
• Cropped photos, close-up photos, backgrounds and environments, text, and demonstrative graphics are allowed
• You accurately portray the product you’re selling. No stock photos allowed
• Non-apparel product photos must be at least 100 x 100 pixels in size.
• Apparel product photos must be at least 250 x 250 pixels in size. You cannot submit a photo larger than 64 megapixels or scale up a photo
• A white, gray, or lightly colored background is very strongly recommended (and, for all intents and purposes, required)
• The photo URL must link to the main product photo and it must be crawlable
• Remember, visual information is 6x better than the information they have read or heard. Infographics grow 15% more traffic, and 200% more shares than posts without images

PLEASE NOTE: Caribbean World Shop reserves the right to discontinue all transactions with any vendor and unpublished the items automatically from its Online Marketplace and social media without notification if customers tend to save money by buying the same product from the same Vendor/seller but on any other competing online marketplace or application.

Caribbean World Shop will automatically unpublished items that are priced substantially more than prices recently offered on the Caribbean World Shop marketplace or on competing for the online marketplace, or that appear to be the subject of price gouging or other unfair or abusive pricing practices outside our negotiated price with the Vendor/Seller.

Contact Us To Resolve Issues

Please feel free to reach out to us at Our team will get in touch with you and do their best to resolve the issue.

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